A Focus on Fur

I traveled down the long country roads, pulling up to my destination to pay a well overdue visit. Being 15,000 miles from home makes it challenging to see old friends so it’s important to optimize the time I have when visiting. I was welcomed at the door by my ol’ buddy, his charming wife and their young daughter. We greeted each other before situating ourselves around the table. We talked over a cup of tea, catching up and revisiting old memories. Suddenly his lil girl runs in from the other room. “Want to meet my best friend” she asked. “Of course I do”. She takes me by the hand and runs outside.

“Her name is Sadie.”

Her mother who followed behind, started to tell me about Sadie and her history. How the horse had an abhorrent past and they had recently rescued it. Remarkably, Sadie had done a 360 and additionally became a beacon of light to there young child. Her mother went on about how this was instilling patience to responsibility. Gentleness and generosity. Kindness as well as empathy. And it was very obvious to me that this polite lil girl was absorbing it all.

I observed how they both continued to play together, snuggle and truly enjoyed each others company. If Sadie truly did do a 360, than it was apparent that she had also picked up on these traits and life lessons.


I truly believe that there is unlike no other love than the unconditional love of an animal. And until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.