The Soul in Missoula

awesome montana wedding engagement photography

 I was fortunate enough to take some time and adventure out to Montana with my girlfriend. Montana is full of life and beautiful wilderness. I was able to go hiking through the woods, tread ankle deep in the rivers and tip toe on the rocks, of course with my camera in hand. Seeing the world’s landscape that has been untouched by man is truly a sight to see. Shooting in places like this has always brought a sense of adventure and boldness to my photos. Using the gorgeous wilderness to captivate the uniqueness of the model, which just so happens to be my beautiful girlfriend.

IMG_7691She gazes up at the sunlight, while her hair blows in the wind; shaded only by a large hat and the abundantly tall surrounding trees. The coverage creates mystery and a sense of longing to see what’s underneath. Nature does something to someone as well. It captivates you in a way that most things can’t. I love to capture creative images that cause the eye to take a second look into the true meaning of the photo. Looking into the background, but yet gazing at the model’s expression causes an admiration for the artwork this earth has created for us. 

The natural form of a beautiful woman mixed with the magnificent views of nature.

montana photography glaciers national park

There is truly nothing like escaping the city lights to find yourself. Now who could NOT get lost in that.

Like light refracted through a jagged prism

When opposites attract the act is magnetism
Pushing you closer trying to gain some rhythm

Milwaukee Public Museum’s gift shop

The gift shop of all gift shops, this place is awesome! Astronaut food, mock T-Rex fossils and a sweet prism which I dug out immediately after exiting. As a photographer in a cool place, having a camera on me was a guarantee. I switched my lens into manual mode and positioned the prism up to my lens and snapped a photo.

Yas, yas, yas!

The image started bending and warping, allowing these really cool reflections to be manipulated.

Pink Floyd’s infamous “Dark side of the moon ” album cover illustrates this phenomenon. The white light enters the prism which causes the colors to change speeds. The speed change than causes them to bend at different angles and separate. This is called dispersion.

prism photography chimping

Shooting through crystals and prisms is nothing new. However, it was to me, which is always exciting to stumble upon. Trying new things keeps it fresh.

shooting through prism photography

The Gatekeeper

She held a lot of keys and as she shuffled through them all, she recanted every story that each one had held. Every narrative as unique and bold as the previous. She told me about the key to staying young, the key to success and even the key to a happy life. Explaining that there was no such thing as a skeleton key as each one is unique and therefore deserved their own story.

She explained that keys were incredibly important because they not only open doors, but close them as well.

She flaunted as she told me about her first love than flip to the next and graciously recanted the troubled students she had taught and how she had learned more from them, than them from her. She flipped to the next and told me about her stories as a little girl and how her family would spend her adolescence summers at the lake. Flipping to the next, she confessed about the time her senior class hired a mariachi band to follow there principal around for the day. She continued to flip through each key nonchalantly until she landed on a key which triggered some hesitation. This wavering had caught my attention as she had previously came across as unashamed and partaking. It suddenly became clear that this wasn’t her stalling, but a reflection. I continued to remain patient as she gathered some words and looked at me.


“Never put the key to your happiness in somebody else’s pocket… Are you truly happy? Do you even know what it means to be happy and what it takes to achieve happiness?”

There was another pause in conversation though I knew that she was not seeking an answer from me, so I remained silent and listened. She continued.

“If people want to be happy, than these are the questions they must ask themselves.”

It was obvious that her life was not lived in vein. She continued with confessions of adventure, rebellion, failures and triumphs. Before I left, I asked her if I may take a photo of her, for these are my stories, my diaries and my keys.

La Boheme

I walked through the garden and paid a visit to my favorite reflecting pond. This was a place were I frequently visited as it typically remains undisturbed. Quiet and lethargic makes for an ideal location to collect my thoughts.

On this particular afternoon, I noticed a young lady who had her feet dipped in the pond. Not wanting to interrupt her I began to walk away.

Suddenly I hear a voice directed at me…

“Sometimes the brain cannot judge between good and evil, and therefor will grant any wish indiscriminately.”

The young lady asked me why does the heart not intervene in those situations.

She explained that she had recently wronged a man. One she had claimed to love. I asked her is she had any regrets and without missing a beat, she replied “lots”, though informed me it was to late. He had left and was never returning. She claimed his lack of empathy upset and confused her. As a man who has been on the other side, I offered her my perspective.

“Opera is when a man gets stabbed in the back, though instead of dying, he sings.”

Olbrich Botanical Gardens wedding


The Fat Jew

It’s a little uncomfortable putting that as the title, though in this case, I don’t see any other alternative. Besides, “Josh Ostrovsky” just doesn’t have the same ring…

I was booked for a Wisconsin wedding at the Barn at Trinity Peak. It’s a beautiful rustic barn in the middle of the country with meticulant detail.  

Barn at Trinity PeakI had showed up early to start scouting ideas and as I looked through the decor I came across an antique dresser with photos albums displayed on the top. I am the type that loves looking at family photos and so I took a gander. I noticed an odd (but in all the right ways) looking fella with a ponytail that was sticking straight up in the air. 

I leaned over to my second photographer.
“I hope that guy shows up”

And he did.

He also officiated the wedding, marrying the couple in Trinity Peak’s outdoor chuppah. During the reception he entertained the crowd while orchestrating the workflow of the speeches as well. He even lightly roasted the bride’s father at one point with a trivia game regarding his match making abilities. 

fat-jew-wedding-party (1 of 1)

About a week later I had receive an email from my second photographer with the subject titled, “The Fat Jew”. 

the fat jew funny stealsInside was a link to a man who called himself just that. He was a robust and eccentric jewish comedian sporting a vertical pony tail. Turns out “that guy” has quite the impressive resume from radio shows, a signature wine called White Girl Rosé, book deals and Katie Couric.


And now he gets to add “Wedding Officiant” to the list. Bravo Mr Ostrovsky, bravo.


The young girl said to her mother, “How old were you when I was born?” Her mother replied, “23.”    “Wow, that’s a lot of time we missed spending together.”


Love is a risk, do it anyways

“He drew all his conclusions from the writing on the wall.”

She said it was the very same wall that she had built with the chip on her shoulder.
And those chips are heavy.
Almost feels like the weight of the world sometimes.


A Focus on Fur

I traveled down the long country roads, pulling up to my destination to pay a well overdue visit. Being 15,000 miles from home makes it challenging to see old friends so it’s important to optimize the time I have when visiting. I was welcomed at the door by my ol’ buddy, his charming wife and their young daughter. We greeted each other before situating ourselves around the table. We talked over a cup of tea, catching up and revisiting old memories. Suddenly his lil girl runs in from the other room. “Want to meet my best friend” she asked. “Of course I do”. She takes me by the hand and runs outside.

“Her name is Sadie.”

Her mother who followed behind, started to tell me about Sadie and her history. How the horse had an abhorrent past and they had recently rescued it. Remarkably, Sadie had done a 360 and additionally became a beacon of light to there young child. Her mother went on about how this was instilling patience to responsibility. Gentleness and generosity. Kindness as well as empathy. And it was very obvious to me that this polite lil girl was absorbing it all.

I observed how they both continued to play together, snuggle and truly enjoyed each others company. If Sadie truly did do a 360, than it was apparent that she had also picked up on these traits and life lessons.


I truly believe that there is unlike no other love than the unconditional love of an animal. And until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

TLC’s Four Weddings

I was lucky enough to be involved in a wedding based reality show featured on The Learning Channel. The premise revolves around four brides who agree to be guests at one another’s weddings and judge which is best. The bride who receives the most votes wins a luxury honey moon. Here is a snippet below of the enchanted wedding I was involved in.

In staying true to themselves, their wedding was nothing short of spectacular. There was fairy dust, magicians, dancers and a drum circle. An incredible night for an incredible couple.

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