The Soul in Missoula

missoula wedding photography

 I was fortunate enough to take some time and adventure out to Montana with my girlfriend. Montana is full of life and beautiful wilderness. I was able to go hiking through the woods, tread ankle deep in the rivers and tip toe on the rocks, of course with my camera in hand. Seeing the world’s… Keep Reading

Like light refracted through a jagged prism

shooting through prism photography

When opposites attract the act is magnetism Pushing you closer trying to gain some rhythm Wisconsin Milwaukee Public Museum’s gift shop The gift shop of all gift shops, this place is awesome! Astronaut food, mock T-Rex fossils and a sweet prism which I dug out immediately after exiting. As a photographer in a cool place, having a camera on me… Keep Reading

The Gatekeeper

keys album cover

She held a lot of keys and as she shuffled through them all, she recanted every story that each one had held. Every narrative as unique and bold as the previous. She told me about the key to staying young, the key to success and even the key to a happy life. Explaining that there… Keep Reading

La Boheme

Olbrich Botanical Gardens wedding

I walked through the garden and paid a visit to my favorite reflecting pond. This was a place were I frequently visited as it typically remains undisturbed. Quiet and lethargic makes for an ideal location to collect my thoughts. On this particular afternoon, I noticed a young lady who had her feet dipped in the pond. Not wanting… Keep Reading

The Fat Jew

the fat jew funny steals

It’s a little uncomfortable putting that as the title, though in this case, I don’t see any other alternative. Besides, “Josh Ostrovsky” just doesn’t have the same ring… I was booked for a Wisconsin wedding at the Barn at Trinity Peak. It’s a beautiful rustic barn in the middle of the country with meticulant detail.   I had… Keep Reading


renae album cover

The young girl said to her mother, “How old were you when I was born?” Her mother replied, “23.”    “Wow, that’s a lot of time we missed spending together.”

Love is a risk, do it anyways


“He drew all his conclusions from the writing on the wall.” She said it was the very same wall that she had built with the chip on her shoulder. And those chips are heavy. Almost feels like the weight of the world sometimes.

A Focus on Fur

I traveled down the long country roads, pulling up to my destination to pay a well overdue visit. Being 15,000 miles from home makes it challenging to see old friends so it’s important to optimize the time I have when visiting. I was welcomed at the door by my ol’ buddy, his charming wife and… Keep Reading

TLC’s Four Weddings

TLC Four Weddings

I was lucky enough to be involved in a wedding based reality show featured on The Learning Channel. The premise revolves around four brides who agree to be guests at one another’s weddings and judge which is best. The bride who receives the most votes wins a luxury honey moon. Here is a snippet below of the enchanted wedding… Keep Reading