La Boheme

I walked through the garden and paid a visit to my favorite reflecting pond. This was a place were I frequently visited as it typically remains undisturbed. Quiet and lethargic makes for an ideal location to collect my thoughts.

On this particular afternoon, I noticed a young lady who had her feet dipped in the pond. Not wanting to interrupt her I began to walk away.

Suddenly I hear a voice directed at me…

“Sometimes the brain cannot judge between good and evil, and therefor will grant any wish indiscriminately.”

The young lady asked me why does the heart not intervene in those situations.

She explained that she had recently wronged a man. One she had claimed to love. I asked her is she had any regrets and without missing a beat, she replied “lots”, though informed me it was to late. He had left and was never returning. She claimed his lack of empathy upset and confused her. As a man who has been on the other side, I offered her my perspective.

“Opera is when a man gets stabbed in the back, though instead of dying, he sings.”

Olbrich Botanical Gardens wedding