Like light refracted through a jagged prism

When opposites attract the act is magnetism
Pushing you closer trying to gain some rhythm

Milwaukee Public Museum’s gift shop

The gift shop of all gift shops, this place is awesome! Astronaut food, mock T-Rex fossils and a sweet prism which I dug out immediately after exiting. As a photographer in a cool place, having a camera on me was a guarantee. I switched my lens into manual mode and positioned the prism up to my lens and snapped a photo.

Yas, yas, yas!

The image started bending and warping, allowing these really cool reflections to be manipulated.

Pink Floyd’s infamous “Dark side of the moon ” album cover illustrates this phenomenon. The white light enters the prism which causes the colors to change speeds. The speed change than causes them to bend at different angles and separate. This is called dispersion.

prism photography chimping

Shooting through crystals and prisms is nothing new. However, it was to me, which is always exciting to stumble upon. Trying new things keeps it fresh.

shooting through prism photography