The Fat Jew

It’s a little uncomfortable putting that as the title, though in this case, I don’t see any other alternative. Besides, “Josh Ostrovsky” just doesn’t have the same ring…

I was booked for a Wisconsin wedding at the Barn at Trinity Peak. It’s a beautiful rustic barn in the middle of the country with meticulant detail.  

Barn at Trinity PeakI had showed up early to start scouting ideas and as I looked through the decor I came across an antique dresser with photos albums displayed on the top. I am the type that loves looking at family photos and so I took a gander. I noticed an odd (but in all the right ways) looking fella with a ponytail that was sticking straight up in the air. 

I leaned over to my second photographer.
“I hope that guy shows up”

And he did.

He also officiated the wedding, marrying the couple in Trinity Peak’s outdoor chuppah. During the reception he entertained the crowd while orchestrating the workflow of the speeches as well. He even lightly roasted the bride’s father at one point with a trivia game regarding his match making abilities. 

fat-jew-wedding-party (1 of 1)

About a week later I had receive an email from my second photographer with the subject titled, “The Fat Jew”. 

the fat jew funny stealsInside was a link to a man who called himself just that. He was a robust and eccentric jewish comedian sporting a vertical pony tail. Turns out “that guy” has quite the impressive resume from radio shows, a signature wine called White Girl Rosé, book deals and Katie Couric.


And now he gets to add “Wedding Officiant” to the list. Bravo Mr Ostrovsky, bravo.