The Soul in Missoula

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 I was fortunate enough to take some time and adventure out to Montana with my girlfriend. Montana is full of life and beautiful wilderness. I was able to go hiking through the woods, tread ankle deep in the rivers and tip toe on the rocks, of course with my camera in hand. Seeing the world’s landscape that has been untouched by man is truly a sight to see. Shooting in places like this has always brought a sense of adventure and boldness to my photos. Using the gorgeous wilderness to captivate the uniqueness of the model, which just so happens to be my beautiful girlfriend.

IMG_7691She gazes up at the sunlight, while her hair blows in the wind; shaded only by a large hat and the abundantly tall surrounding trees. The coverage creates mystery and a sense of longing to see what’s underneath. Nature does something to someone as well. It captivates you in a way that most things can’t. I love to capture creative images that cause the eye to take a second look into the true meaning of the photo. Looking into the background, but yet gazing at the model’s expression causes an admiration for the artwork this earth has created for us. 

The natural form of a beautiful woman mixed with the magnificent views of nature.

montana photography glaciers national park

There is truly nothing like escaping the city lights to find yourself. Now who could NOT get lost in that.